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All guided tours are proposed in French. On demand, the guided tour of the sardine boat "Au Gré des Vents" or of the port of La Turballe can be organised. Please contact us for more information. 


Visit the Museum « La Maison de la Pêche » (The House of the fishery)

Playful and interactive, the exposition helps you discover the history of La Turballe, its port, the boom of the fish canneries, and brings to light the various fishing techniques and vessels used currently and in the past. 
The museum also contains detailed information about the fishing industry today. Which fish species are the most captured? How do we catch them? How does the fish get from the boat to our plate? A visit for the whole family


Guided tour of the sardine boat « Au Gré des Vents »

Symbol of the sardine fishing in La Turballe, this boat was operational between 1964 and 1990. Saved by a few heritage devotees before its scheduled destruction, “Au Gré des Vents” was restored and maintained afloat. The boat has received the label » Vessel of Patrimonial Interest ». 
This unique guided tour explains the fishing techniques used, describes the living conditions of the crew and allows you to visit various compartments of the boat.
Jump aboard for a trip through time on “Au Gré des Vents”!   


Guided tour of the "windmill of Kerbroué" 

The windmill of “Kerbroué” was built in 1746. Attached to the seigneury of Lauvergnac, it was modernised in 1893: 

  • Elevated to 4 levels
  • Equipped with a second grindstone
  • Provided with the latest contemporary technologies: sails “Berton” (made from wooden slats) and a fantail

This windmill is one of the last survivors of the region, operating until 1969. At the time, it was situated in the middle of pastures and grain fields. 
During this visit you can observe the power of the sails (52m2) setting the grinding mechanism in motion over 4 floors. The grindstone then crushes the grain in order to extract the fine wheat flour. 


Guided tour of the La Turballe port

La Turballe has been set up as an independent commune in 1865, shortly after the first breakwater structure was built on the “Tourlandroux rocks” (1862) in order to protect the fishing vessels.  Since then, the port has changed considerably and is evolving continuously. 
With about 5000 tonnes of landed fish every year, the fishing port maintains its importance in France. Other activities have developped such as the monitoring and maintenance of the nearby offshore wind farm.
Ancient port, port of Garlahy, fish auction hall, jetties, ice production, up-to-date information: just follow the guide! This one-hour guided tour will allow you to discover the port’s history, its fleet and its installations of the past, present and future.   


The "trescalan lookout" guided tour

Situated on one of the local high points, the Tresalan lookout offers an exceptional 360° panorama. Climb the 110 steps and enjoy the view at about 60m above the sea level: The salt fields, islands, wind farm, Loire et Vilaine... 


The “fish auction hall” guided tour

Join us for this early morning rendez-vous to experience the auction sale of the freshly landed fish.

  • How does the fish get from the sea to your plate?
  • How does the auction sale work?
  • What is a “criomobile”?
  • Who buys the fish here?
  • Which professions are connected to the auction sale? 

Your guide will answer any questions you may have while the fish auction is in full flow. A unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of this spacious construction and to experience the fish sale “live”.



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 publié le 24/04/2024
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