Welcome in the "Au Gré des Vents" Association

The Association "Au Gré des Vents"

The association « Au Gré des Vents » (At the wind’s will) was founded in 1992. Its objectives are to protect, preserve, promote and transmit the cultural, maritime and historic heritage of La Turballe. The heritage sites managed by the association are:

  • The museum “La Maison de la Pêche"
  • The sardine fishing boat "Au Gré des Vents", labelled » Vessel of Patrimonial Interest »
  • The "Windmill of Kerbroué"

The association also proposes various guided tours centred on the heritage of La Turballe and activities for children and adults.

Events organised by the association

The association offers to visitors, both visits and workshops :




 publié le 14/04/2020
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